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Dr. Steven Pittson
Your Patterson Chiropractor

Dr Pittson is trusted by MEDICAL DOCTOR'S

in the treatment of their family. Dr. Pittson specializes in treatment of back and neck injuries and joint related issues. Dr. Pittson has successfully treated over twenty medical professionals and their extended family members. Read these recommendations from a few of the MD's who have experienced Dr. Pittson's chiropractic work on their own back.

Recommendation from a clinical professor from USC

Recommendation from a local pediatrician Gene Lamazor M.D. F.A.A.P.

Watch these videos of testimonials of Dr. Pittson at Patterson Chiropractic Center.

Pam W.- Pam had severe hip pain that kept her from shopping for extended period of time and other typical activities which involved a lot of walking. After the first adjustment she was pain free.

Dan R.- Dan had severe arm pain that kept him awake many nights, and now he can sleep.

Joe C.- Joe comes in for occasional chiropractic "tune-ups" to help him feel better.Joe is a hard working man that pays attention to his back by going to the chiropractor to keep it at maximum level, because of the stresses he places on it.

Raul S.- (Spanish) Raul is very happy with the treatment he received from Dr Pittson.

Written Testimonials

One New Years Eve day in the mid-1990s, I wrenched my back while running up my stairs. On New Years Day I could barely move or stand up straight. After leaving a message on the emergency number for Dr. Pittson he called a short time later and agreed to open his office and treat me on New Years Day! Needless to say, he's been my Chiropractor ever since.

~ Gordon B.

I wanted to let people know that I have always gone to Dr Pittson for all my treatments. My husband has been having a hard time with pain these past couple of years. I suggested that he try coming to Dr Pittson with me. After spending months with different pain meds, and finding that nothing was working and not being able to sleep all night, he said he would come in with me to see Dr. Pittson. After a couple of treatments, the man was a true believer. He can sleep the whole night and still get up in the morning and be ready for the day. I ordered our meds for the month and Bobby said he did not need any meds. The last month he has been med free. His family cannot believe what a difference Dr. Pittson has made.

~ Bobby & Irene R.

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